Web Apps

Web Applications with Right Fusion are:

Modern and elegant cross-platform solutions that allows your customers to experience the full power of the client-server model of applications wherever they can be, from any device, 24/7/365! Web applications provide a wide range of possibilities for creating multi-line products and online services, aimed at optimizing or resolving various problems.

Custom Web App Development

Our Pros produce with passion and creativity, which they emit. This enables us to develop solutions that go with time and have the ability to scale. When we say "development" we mean the creation of Web sites\Apps (and possibly through databases), logistics\transport applications, data visualization and more.

Today and future technologies

We use PHP and Javascript that always allows us to develop modern cross-platform solution that will work for many years to come. At the same time, always using the latest technologies and the best frameworks that are available today.

This was made to ensure maximum compatibility and accessibility of services that we are providing because Web applications allow unprecedented freedom of choice and action. At the same time, making services available everywhere and around the clock, across all platforms and devices.

What we use in our projects

We do not hide technologies used because we are an open team ready for a long and fruitful cooperation. So, what we're using:


  • Symfony - Our favorite tool to significantly reduce the time spent on the development of core functionality and application management by automating routine tasks and implementing the Model-View-Controller pattern;

  • Laravel - Work fast. Even Faster! No kidding, this framework - a real gift to any web developer. It is in its own simple stepwise system used to solve complex problems.

Client-side part:

  • AngularJS - Easy creation and easy testing of applications with separation of business logic from the main interface of the program. Everything you need to know about this tool: it was created with the participation of Google, so can withstand even criticism, not only different stress tests and etc;

  • VueJs - framework, which can significantly simplify and speed up the writing of JavaScript code, which means - to spend less energy and resources. We love to streamline because it leads to an improvement in quality and funds retention, which has a positive effect on a whole project. This library has cross-browser compatibility what makes it perfect tool for development.

  • ReactJs - Library, developed with the participation of Instagram and Facebook, designed to simplify the creation, presentation, as well as a graphical user interface. It allows being fast, simple and scalable, especially in large Web projects that provide a lot of data.

This choice was based on a thorough analysis of applications market, technical solutions, and their feasibility. No loss of quality and speed, of course. We use this technology stack in a bundle and it allows us to create a relevant and competitive product in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of Web applications

  • Almost imperceptible integration with other services and systems;
  • Access rights to the internal functions of the application;
  • Easy deployment and maintenance;
  • Scalability.

Working with us, you can be assured that we will deliver the final product on time and the best of possible quality.

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always be involved to ensure your project's success

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