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Today, many companies refuse the "classic" desktop applications due to a bunch of facts. For example, gaining massive popularity for many years in a row, web applications have come to replace them. Web applications that are gaining popularity with each passing year and more fans. It is not surprising since these applications have some advantages over the desktop ones.

Many companies believe that this approach is practical and pragmatic (we think either). You need just one look at a small comparison of these types of applications, and all the things will become clear:

  • Desktop applications require installation;
  • Each application must be written for a specific platform and operating system;
  • Desktop applications more expensive to develop, maintain and support. And if we talk about supporting multiple versions of a product, then everything becomes much more difficult.

In other turn, web applications have number of advantages, such as:

  • Cross-platform. Web applications run on any device - a big plus in maintaining and support;
  • Do not require installations;
  • Always work. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • You always use the latest version of the app (no need to update it on every device);

And as a result, all of the above leads to a reduction in costs for development and support of applications. This is convenient as "All-in-One" - pay less, get more. It's simple!

We understand the essence of web application development and trends in its design. That is why our company is clear that this class of application should entail mobility, convenience, and superior usability. Such application should be available all the time, from any device, any operating system and is required to work fast.

We, as a company, have a vast experience in the creation of successful applications. We grow together with the market (usually faster), so we stay fresh wind in the development and design.

Our UX department works at all stages of production. We do not go on compromises, as we know that the product should be blue-chip. Therefore we check that our product works great on all devices. As UX department is involved in all stages of development, the focus group design testing is our strong point. That is how we analyze the simplicity and clarity of the interface.

And of course all applications use responsive design because you never know on which device user want to run it.

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