Design Prototyping

How big projects starts with a small idea, website design starts with its prototype.

The slovenliness main enemy is a plan.

Why make a prototype?

Website Prototyping - is the creation of a single page layout, or a whole website using schematic and conditional elements. In fact, the prototype - is a sketch, rough draft, with no place for stylish pictures. It is created before design and code, and a single layout can last from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity and technical specifications.

Remember: prototype saves time and money!

To show the client a tentative version of the site, to conduct A/B-testing and make changes, it is not necessary to program and draw-sketching would be enough. That is, if you need to make any changes, you do not have to rewrite all the code for your site or to re-impose design. It should be just a little touch up the sketch. Agree, it takes much less time (and funds).

How does it work?

Generally, prototyping process can be described for a long time, but negotiate a large amount of work we've done, we now able to fit just in 2 points (because no one likes to read lengthy articles, right?).

  1. Specify functionality:

    The first thing we do - analyze objectives of the project and its users. Form functionality of the project, its structure, and pages composition. We describe each block of functionality, detailing the level of individual elements.

    The result is the "kiddie's building blocks"  - blocks that slide poured from a bucket. Now only remains to take them from the list and put in the right place.

  2. Sketch:

    Once we have determined all we should appreciate in our design, we draw a sketch of key pages.

    We transfer our functionality list block by block. Experimenting, sorting options and seeking an optimal solution. Scribble and cast away failed sketches because a schematic expression takes literally minutes.

That's all. So simple. If you're still asking yourself: "Do I need a prototype?" we may boldly answer - extremely needed!

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