Data Migration

If you are a rapidly growing company or ambitious startup and have a large number of users, if you plan to move to the custom services and software, you can't go without data migration. To do this process painless and transparent, we provide data migration services (both structured and not) to transfer mail, contacts, or any other important data of your employees "on new wheels". You do not have to be distracted or reorganize workflow - we will do it for you, purely and fast.

We provide:

  • Implementation of the data migration policies. We are working on the process so all the data is moved in an orderly;
  • Data transferring from one or more servers;
  • Support for any legacy environment;
  • We creating a governance structure that allows you, according to need, to manage the information in the system;
  • Technical support from high-quality IT professionals with extensive experience;
  • Detailed audit, reports and complete process logging. You will not lose your data and do not have to worry about its safety;
  • Testing and verification of the migrated data to ensure its accuracy and integrity;
  • Consultations and support;

Work on data migration usually takes place when you decided to replace or upgrade servers, storage or other devices. For example, for the website consolidation and or technical service/maintaining.

If you're faced with something of the above and want to be sure that the process goes smoothly and your information will not fall into the third-party hands, we are working for you!

Our professional developers and UX/UI design experts will
always be involved to ensure your project's success

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