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Product testing with Right Fusion is:

Unlimited possibilities. Our team provides a full cycle of software testing to run a quality turnkey product and certain types of code testing services (including one-time testing). We explore your product 360°, or for example, focus on automation regression scripts. Your issues - our solutions.

Reliable data. Right Fusion providing software products testing, taking into account the peculiarities of the user's psychology and the laws of human perception. When we carry out the project testing, we are focusing on international quality standards and guidelines and testing it in a real environment websites and mobile devices.

Guaranteed efficiency. Recommendations prepared by our team after project completion tests brings real results. For some - optimization of the workflow, for others - increasing customer loyalty and increased LTV.

QA-outsourcing helps organizations improve the software quality and at the same time reduce costs, release time and increase the loyalty of employees who no longer have to engage in non-core tasks of testing.

Outsourcing involves the transfer of existing customer tests to the Right Fusion team, which, after certain technical and formal procedures, will be responsible for the execution of these tests and an increase in test coverage.

Our services:

  • Unit testing

    Unit testing - the first bastion in the bugs war. Unit tests can serve as documentation of the code. A competent test suite that covers the possible methods of use, limitations, and potential errors, not worse specifically written examples, and, in addition, it is possible to compile and verify the correctness of the implementation. In unit testing, we use PHPUnit.

  • Functional testing

    We offer new testing approaches (agile and model-based testing), as well as classical functional testing for the teams working on the waterfall methodology. Our services help customers minimize the number of bugs on the early stages of software development, as well as in the process of acceptance with such tools like Behat, SoapUI and Codeception.

  • Load testing

    Our technology and methods allow performing load testing of websites, operating on the basis of known protocols. Our approach is based on international standards and best practices - we use such proven tools as Jmeter, LoadUI to be confident in the system performance, as no one likes it when his site "fall".

  • Automation

    In today's world market of software products release, speed is an integral part of the competition. Therefore, IT managers seek to limit testing time - after all tests, especially regression, often take a long time.

    If you want to be considered as a pro in the field of automated testing of web applications - you must know Selenium (we use it in everyday work). Selenium - this is the present and future of the automated browsers control and testing.

    Automation can significantly speed up the release of the product and reduce the cost of test iterations. And we can definitely help you with this!

Take the decision to reduce costs and improve the quality of regression testing. Outsource QA to Right Fusion and save your time and money!

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