UX Design

We know how sometimes it could be difficult with "UX design". Unlike UI developer, UX designer does not deal with "changing colors and icons" in the workspace. At least in a broad sense. They are engaged in the representation of the future product and it's logical interface, watch for it to be the best possible user-friendly and cozy.

We present our work more as ring sections that extend from each other and thus lead us from point to point until the desired result is achieved. So, the main stages of our work are:

  • Defining goals and objectives

    To understand the specifics of a particular product or our client's service, at first, we analyze the market and objectives that need to be achieved. Our designers know the ropes and will offer you a specific material that will be suitable for your product, with a full description and justification of "what and where". After all, customer satisfaction is our passion.

  • Wireframing

    The next step - a rough wireframe creation, which will be a working model of the interaction of the user with a product that will help to gather information about what to change, and what - to leave. Because we want our customers to be satisfied with our work at all stages of production. We believe that the communication is never too much: more converse - better the end result.

  • Usability research

    This terms, though it may seem somewhat abstract, plays a big role in creating the overall design. After all, everyone wants to make a website that will help promote the brand, and not vice versa - to cause mistrust. This item is extensive and includes both questioning and creation of users database (with feedbacks on usability), and the testing plus optimization.

    We conduct our researchers at the beginning to simplify other paragraphs. We're creating a huge base of people to construct the right target audiences. As you can see, all the development stages are cyclical. We solve problems for a few steps ahead.

  • Interaction design

    Unlike software development, the design does not refer to the specific technical requirements, it relies on the interaction with the user. At this stage, the designer decides such question as whether to use the menus or tabs, lists, and buttons, etc.

In our team we have both highly technical and very creative guys. This allows us to create stunning designs of different trends and styles.

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