Database Development

Databases in today's reality are used throughout. It has ceased to be a separate element of the system and began to form more than some part but a system globally. Especially in web projects since most of them, if not all, are directly dependent on the database implementation. And its response and well-organized client-server architecture.

Speaking of web projects, we understand really almost any project - live journals or private blogs, all kinds of catalogs and online stores as well as large enterprise and social projects. No matter how big is a site considered, database development requires scrupulous analysis and a serious development, to work more effective and carry necessary benefits.

We offer our services in the development application based on following databases:

  • MySql (MariaDb) - open source database, which is considered almost a standard (at least LAMP stack is one of the most popular using the web projects). As a matter of fact, these two solutions are extremely popular among developers. Super modern, constantly updated products that focus on performance and ease of use. And could be nothing else, because MySQL belongs to such giant as Oracle and these guys mean a lot about development.
  • MongoDB - If you are looking for a schema-less tool, which will be convenient to work with different data structures, data, and all around it. A good product that will suit not only startups needs but also might be of service to big players, who requires decisions with non-relational databases.
  • Couchbase - offer simplicity and consistent data structure with "NoSQL" approach. These solutions are ideal for startups or projects when you're not even sure how you request data. We can assume that such a non-relational database and schema-less solution can offer support of large amount of concurrent users, seamless operations and can instantly respond to any changes and requirements.
  • Redis - supports a large variety of different data structures such as lists, sets, and more. This solution will work incredibly fast with data caching and its fast access.

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