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Many companies consider working with third-party software developers very risky. Of course, it is difficult to imagine getting the quality code from developers, with whom there is no eye-to-eye daily communication.

Nevertheless, reliable and high-quality outsourcing is a great opportunity to "relieve" the enterprise and its employees and focus on solving main business tasks, not petty routine problems.

What do we propose?

First and foremost - the productive partnership: our team is not simply a hired labor but your temporary branch. We are a fully staffed team of experienced (an average employee experience - 8.5 years) specialists, so cooperating with us, you can significantly reduce the load of your employees. We guarantee a constant communication and a record of all your project requirements.

Working with us, you completely retain all ownership rights (including intellectual property) to the product under development. We implement the principles of "reusable" code - simple code blocks that do not require special skills to operate and master, thus giving your employees an opportunity to refine the product by themselves.

We offer uncomplicated solutions. Using a common development environment (major languages - PHP and JavaScript, using frameworks Symfony, Laravel, AngularJs, VueJs, RactJs), we give you the ability to easily change the product after the release so that it matches any arising requirements.

Development from top to bottom: we propose not only the development of the products "from scratch" but also the continuation of projects of varying degrees of readiness, in real terms, not overstating the budgets.

A reasonable approach to the project pricing. Depending on the complexity of the project and the personal preferences of the customer, we offer three basic pricing models:

  • Fixed price - fixed price for the entire project;
  • Time and material (mixed rates) - project cost depends on the time spent and the extent of staff load;
  • Dedicated Team - staff hourly rates plus management fees.

Our professional developers and UX/UI design experts will
always be involved to ensure your project's success

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